We believe that the personal is political and where and how we choose to allocate our money matters. People over profit, always. To that end, we donate 5% of profits to a different community based mutual aid organization each quarter. 

For the first quarter of 2021, we're supporting The Equitable Giving Circle, a Black and Indigenous women led org based here in Portland that focusses on food and housing security.  

A bit more about Equitable Giving Circle in their own words:  We value diverse voices. From start to finish.  Everyone. We value the immediate impact of no strings attached giving. No red tape. EGC is a Black women, Black Femme, and Indigenous women led org focused on making large economic deposits into the Portland community while also creating real community care and impact for BIPOC families. EGC has a robust food program where we buy food from Black and Brown farmers and food purveyors and gift that food weekly to BIPOC families. Currently EGC serves over 500 families weekly with nutritious food boxes. In addition to the food program EGC has a housing program and a wellness program. We are radicalizing the way we give community care in real time and looking for all the ways to deepen the impact and reach.