Our jewelry is made from recycled bronze, sterling silver, and gold, all of which is 100% nickel free. 
All ear wires are either sterling silver or 14k gold. 
You'll find specific metals used for each piece in their individual product listings on our shop page. 
Both bronze and silver will oxidize/tarnish with time, and though we love the patina that comes with age, we're often asked how to care for bronze and silver jewelry to maintain it's shine. 
The best way to care for your jewelry is to keep it in a clean/dry place, and avoid long term exposure to humidity if possible. Try to store your bronze and silver jewelry outside of a steamy bathroom, and remove jewelry when showering and swimming. (Both chlorine and salt water can accelerate tarnish, so those two are best to avoid.) Should you want to give your jewelry a little polish to brighten it up, both bronze and silver can be polished with a household silver polish, a polishing cloth, or even toothpaste.


We stand behind the quality of our work, and with proper care, your jewelry should last you for many years to come. However, jewelry is by no means indestructible. Please don't expect to be able to put your jewelry too far through the ringer without consequence. Chains cannot stand unlimited pulling, and a ring really will look a lot worse for wear if it goes through the garbage disposal...
Should you require a repair, please contact us with a description of what happened and we'll be happy to get you fixed up. If the repair is a result of undue wear and tear (remember that garbage disposal?) a small repair fee will apply.