Hello Holidays!!!

Friends! We're well into holiday mode over here, and will be heading out to sell our wares at a few amazing events over the next few weeks: 



First up: beyond stoked to be included in the line up at the first ever West Coast Craft, at Fort Mason next weekend. The vendor list for this show is SO GOOD. It's gonna be real hard to resist buying up everything there. Check out the WCC website to see the full vendor list, and for more detailed show information. 



On Black Friday (that's November 29th this year!) you'll find us at this dreamy sale here in PDX, Black Magic. We'll be setting up shop downtown at The Cleaners with some our very favorite Portland designers for all of your holiday shopping needs. So much awesome jewelry, scents from OLO, seasonal remedies from Portland Apothecary, clothes from Crazy Wind and Yo! Vintage. Another excellent, not to be missed line up! 



And finally, the weekend of December 5th -7th, we'll be back for the 3rd annual Portland Bazaar at Sandbox Studios. Always such a great group of folks and amazing goods at this show, we're happy to be back! They've even added an early opening Friday evening: $10 bucks gets you early admission to the sale where you can browse in a slightly more laid-back atmosphere, drinks and music included. Come early to avoid the weekend crowds! 


So thrilled to be headed back to Austin for this sweet sale in Just a couple of week! Check out for more info! 



Welcome to Tiro Tiro!

This is the point where you might be saying "But wait, what happened to Stone & Honey?!"

Don't freak out. We know, change can be a hard. But not to fret! You'll find that we offer much of the same work here as we did on the old site, just under the banner of a new name and freshened up face. 

If you were familiar with Stone & Honey, you may have noticed that the style of our work has changed quite a bit over the past year, and we felt a growing disconnect between the name 'Stone & Honey' and the direction that our work has taken. This line has grown and changed so much since it started as a funny little side project over 5 years ago, and we're ready for a name that feels a bit more congruent with the path that we're on, and will allow for continued growth and evolution in the coming years.

We're so excited to share this new brand and our latest work with all of you! 

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure. We're happy to be here, and hope you are too.